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Online or Hybrid Ed.D.

black_male_teacher3This program does not include a discount.

The Ed. D at Rowan University requires the completion of 60 graduate semester hours (S.H.) made up of 16 courses (48 S.H.) and 12 S.H. of dissertation.

The program includes three distinct benchmarks.

Benchmark I takes place after the completion of four of the five core courses and consists of a written assessment, followed by an interview with a committee of faculty.

Benchmark II occurs at the conclusion of year two and involves a presentation to faculty.

Benchmark III is the dissertation defense.

Four tracks with different emphasis, but all tracks are taught via the three delivery modes.


  • P-12
  • Higher Education
  • Nursing Educator

Three Delivery Modes:

1. Ed. D. Completely Online (Except for two short residencies)

  • First Residency is at the Main Campus in Glassboro prior to the beginning of classes from August 9 – 12
  • Second Residency is at the end of the second year at the Main Campus in Glassboro for three days in July.

2. Face to Face Cohort

  • Rowan’s Main Campus, Glassboro or Camden. The Ed. D. at Main Campus is a part-time program offered in an accelerated face-to-face format.

3. Ed. D. NJPSA

  • This version of the Ed. D. program has 60% of class meetings online and 40% face-to-face at the NJPSA headquarter in Jamesburg, NJ.

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Our Ed.D programs help with job security while providing unique skills and knowledge.