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Online or Hybrid Ed.D.

black_male_teacher3This program does not include a discount.

The Ed. D. at Rowan University requires the completion of 60 graduate semester hours (S.H.) made up of 16 courses (48 S.H.) and 12 S.H. of dissertation.

The program includes three distinct benchmarks.

Benchmark I takes place after the completion of four of the five core courses and consists of a written assessment, followed by an interview with a committee of faculty.

Benchmark II occurs at the conclusion of year two and involves a presentation to faculty.

Benchmark III is the dissertation defense.


Four tracks with different emphasis, but all tracks are taught via the three delivery modes.



  • P-12
  • Higher Education
  • Nursing Educator


Three Delivery Modes:


1. Ed. D. Completely Online (Except for two short residencies)

  • First Residency is at the Main Campus in Glassboro prior to the beginning of classes from August 9 – 12
  • Second Residency is at the end of the second year at the Main Campus in Glassboro for three days in July.

2. Face to Face Cohort

  • Rowan's Main Campus, Glassboro or Camden. The Ed. D. at Main Campus is a part-time program offered in an accelerated face-to-face format.

3. Ed. D. Hybrid.at NJPSA

  • This version of the Ed. D. program has 60% of class meetings online and 40% face-to-face at the NJPSA headquarter in Jamesburg, NJ.

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