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Bilingual Endorsement

Bilingual Endorsement

Bilingual Endorsement

The Online Bilingual/Bicultural Education (BEE) Endorsement program responds to the need for highly qualified teachers prepared to teach content in both the student's native language and in English to the growing numbers of English language learners in the schools. Specific objectives emphasize the application of theory to practice, development of long-range and short-range plans that integrate language and content, design of appropriate authentic assessment instruments, and use of technology to research content and instructional techniques. Matriculated students who successfully complete this program will have completed all state-required coursework for endorsement as a Bilingual/Bicultural teacher in New Jersey.

Teachers in the state of New Jersey may apply to the Bilingual/Bicultural Education Endorsement program through the New Jersey Teacher Outreach Program (NJTOP). For more information ask for the overview from Dr. Barry Meinster  bmeinster@njtopgraduate.com, Phone: 1-888-664-5455

Course TitleS.H.
Required Core Courses: 12 Semester Hours
Issues of Language and Cultural Diversity in ESL/Bilingual Programs3
Linguistics and Second Language Acquisition for Teaching Second Language3
Teaching Bilingual Education: Process and Practice3
Integrating Language and Content in the ESL/Bilingual Education3
Total Required Credits12

Bilingual Endorsement Program Highlights

  • 4 courses or 12 semester hours
  • Fully online, part-time accelerated program: Courses are 8 weeks long and offered 1–2 per term. Convenience of focusing on one course at a time.
  • This program is part-time
  • Possible completion in 3 consecutive semesters
  • Discounted tuition rates as part of New Jersey Teacher Outreach Program (NJTOP)

Applying to the Bilingual Endorsement Program

The following is a list of items required to begin the application process. There may be additional action or materials required for admission to the program. Upon receipt of the materials below a representative from the CGCE Admissions Processing Office will contact you with confirmation or indicating any missing items.

  • CGCE Graduate Application Form
  • $65 (U.S.) application fee i waived for NJTOP
  • Bachelor’s degree (or its equivalent) from an accredited institution of higher learning
  • Official transcripts from all colleges attended (regardless of number of credits earned)
  • Current professional resume
  • Typewritten statement of professional objectives: Statement should be between 1-2 single-spaced pages and answer the following questions: Why do you want to work as a bilingual/bicultural teacher? How do you plan to impact bilingual students, the school, and the community in this role?
  • Two letters of recommendation: The official Recommendation Form is required. In addition, a letter from the recommender may be submitted. One letter should be from an individual familiar with your academic work; the other should be from someone who can speak to your potential for teaching in bilingual/bicultural classrooms.
  • A copy of NJ State Teacher Certification (CEAS or Standard) in one of the following areas: Elementary (K–5), Mathematics (K–12), Any area of Science (K–12), Social Studies (K–12)